Suitable Lasik

Get the most important advantageous results from Lasik eye surgery

In this method, a nonlinear passage is formed from three linear segments, with the first segment terminating at an end of the second segment and the second segment terminating at an end of the third segment.


The passage segments are sized so that each of the segments has substantially the same cross section. The cross section is selected so that the second and third segments remain open for cornea of fluid after the treatment is reserved, and the first part substantially seals when the Lasik treatment is inhibited to avoid substantial escape of the liquid from the eye.

In alternative aspect of the existing invention, an device for carrying out an ab-externo sclerotomy comprises single laser treatment to form a passage extending from an exterior of the eye through the sclera of the eye by emitting pulses of laser energy in a direction substantially along a longitudinal axis of the treatment and advancing the treatment through the passage as it is formed.

The eye surgery is cross unit sized so that the helping of the passage supply through the sclera is superior to 350 microns in width when the treatment is withdrawn. In addition, the treatment is cross section sized so that a portion of the passage adjacent the exterior of the eye substantially self-seals when the treatment is inhibited so as to stop extensive leakage of liquid from the eye.


Treatment and curing options laser convoluted in Lasik eye surgery

In a favored byword, the laser treating produces pulses of laser energy were taking vitality of nearly 10 to 15 mJ or throb. In alternative facet of the existing discovery, the system of treating glaucoma illness embraces developing a main passage sector that hold out from an outside peripheral of the eye to the scleral part of the eye; and building a succeeding passage subdivision that spreads through the sclera laterally a bent path. In an auxiliary aspect of the existing invention

A laser treatment comprising a treatment tip having a longitudinal axis is configured for utilize in the cure of glaucoma. The examination tip is arranged for insertion addicted to conjunctiva muscle of an eye and includes an optical grit having a central part which produces light in a way along the longitudinal axis. The visual fiber core is bordered by a stiffening layer which offers sufficient inflexibility to the tip to permit the fiber tip to operate tissue such that a bent pathway is formed through the sclera.

The treatment tip also has an adequately small width to cause the conjunctiva muscle to considerably nature sealing when the scrutiny is reserved. The width of the scrutiny tip is improved than 350 microns to yield a passage in the interior rallies of the eye which is adequately large for dependable cornea of liquid, but is preferably less than 600 microns. In a favored incarnation, the diameter of the scrutiny tip is regarding 400-450 microns. In a favored incarnation, the hardening layer comprises a bumper layer.